Booking a meeting room isn’t difficult, but finding affordable meeting rooms for hire in the best locations is easier if you know what you are looking for.

The Serviced Office Company are proud to offer affordable meeting rooms in Central London, Manchester and nearby MediaCity with all of the services you need to make the right impression on your client.

It starts with location to put your business event where it will have the greatest impact.- meeting rooms in Manchester city centre, the rapidly growing MediaCity development on Salford Quays, or in Central London are great venues to hold your meetings.

Once you know where you want to host your business meeting, our professional venues provide you with the extra services to help you seal the deal with the client, while taking the stress out of staging a business meeting for you.

Meeting room with frosted glass and white walls

The Best Technology

Technology is at the heart of the modern business world, and should be at the heart of modern business meeting venues too – which is why the Serviced Office Company make sure our meeting spaces have high-speed internet access and telecommunications equipment.

By making use of these, you can expand in-person meetings via telephone, VoIP call, allowing individuals who can’t make the journey to the meeting room itself to join in on the discussion.

Of course it’s still important to choose a central location for those who will be travelling in person – but with an increase in remote working and companies distributed across larger numbers of branch offices, the right telecoms can mean the difference between getting some time with key people, and missing out completely.

Hospitality & Housekeeping

When choosing venues for meetings, it’s not just the bricks and mortar that matter, or even the fixed facilities like phone lines and broadband access – it’s also about the personal service you get, and give to your clients.

The Serviced Office Company can arrange to provide drinks, snacks and other light refreshments so that you don’t have to worry about arranging this yourself while the meeting is already taking place.

We pride ourselves on our housekeeping too, which is why you won’t find remnants of the previous meeting’s food and drink lying around – we make sure our meeting spaces are spotless each and every time they are used.

Meeting room with tall windows

First Impression

Everything above affects how the client perceives you once they are inside the meeting room, but what about before then? The old adage says you only get one chance to make a first impression, and although it’s a cliche, it’s still true.

We can provide you with a manned reception desk, so that if you are running late, or want to get things ready inside the room, there is someone there to professionally greet the client on arrival – and to take their call if they are running late.

To find out more about our meeting rooms in Manchester, including MediaCity, or in London, email or call us freephone on 0800 319 6600.

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