An office conference is a great way to get an important message out to groups of employees large or small all at once, or to meet with stakeholders, clients and others in your industry.

Conference room hire gives you access to the premises and facilities you need, without having to own and operate the conference space yourself – ideal if you only need conference rooms occasionally, or if the number of people who attend your events varies a lot each time.

Here are our top tips for conference room hire in Manchester and London:

Meeting room with a square table

1. Find a Conference Venue

It may sound obvious, but finding a conference venue is the crucial first step. You can start your search based on the size of conference room you need, or its location in Central London, Manchester Airport or MediaCity – just call us if you’re not sure what’s available in your area.

2. Features and Facilities

Check that the conference space has everything you need, from the number of people it can accommodate, to facilities like telecoms and audiovisual equipment.

3. Don’t Forget Yourself

Remember, if you are inviting 50 people to attend, and have a team of ten of your own employees running the event, you should book a conference space with capacity for 60 people in total!

4. Sight and Sound

Conference rooms with AV equipment can amplify your voice for the people at the back, or provide a big screen for a close-up view of any supporting graphics, and it all helps make the event seem more organised and professional too.

5. Conference Breakout Spaces

If you expect deals to be done or brainstorming sessions to take place at your event, look for premises with conference breakout spaces – smaller side rooms where just a few people can talk in private when they need to, away from the main speeches and sessions.

6. Keeping Cool

The summer is always a busy time for business conferences, and the best conference facilities in Manchester and London are equipped for a heat wave, with adequate air conditioning to cool down even a packed room – make sure the settings are right before you begin, or have someone whose job is to adjust them as you go.

7. Getting There

Make sure everyone knows how to get to your conference room – whether by public transport or by car. Different venues have different links, e.g. MediaCity is great for arriving via MetroLink.

8. Tea and Biscuits

Light refreshments go a long way over the course of a day-long conference, or even just an hour-long session; serviced conference room spaces take the hassle out of providing drinks and snacks, so you can focus on making a good impression.

Tea being poured from a pot

9. Long-Term Links

If your conference goes well, it’s likely you’ll want to hold another in the future. Our virtual offices are a great way to get a business address in prime locations in Manchester and London, with access to hire conference rooms in the same building, giving you a legitimate and professional presence every time you need it.

10. Book Early

We’re not just saying this – the best conference venues in London and Manchester get booked up fast, especially if you need a particularly large or small space.

To make an enquiry or place a booking, call the Serviced Office Company on 0800 319 6600 or email and let us know what you need from your conference venue.

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