So you’ve decided to book a serviced conference room – excellent choice! You’ll make a strong first impression on employees and guests alike, and you should have everything you need for your conference to go without a hitch.

But what exactly do you need to look out for when booking a conference room? We think a conference room, or even a fairly small meeting room for that matter, should be a striking and inspiring space, and not just a whitewashed room with generic office furniture inside.

And, of course, size matters. Whether you’re holding a meeting for two people or a conference for 60 guests, partners or investors.

Here are some of the less obvious extras you might want to factor into your decision when booking a conference room…


Just because serviced meeting rooms are not part of your own premises, it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your business’s environmental commitments.

We run our meeting rooms on certified green energy with offset carbon emissions, we provide energy-efficient HVAC facilities, parking for eco-friendly transport such as bicycles, and full recycling options for any waste you generate during your meeting.

Reception and Security

Our meeting venues have round-the-clock security, so you can host high-profile events or invite important individuals with complete peace of mind.

We provide stylish reception areas, so if your guests arrive early, they can wait in comfort until you are ready for them – or you can show them directly into the meeting room, which is equally comfortable.

And to complete the warm welcome, we provide on-site showers and changing rooms, catering services, concierge and kitchen facilities with free beverages.

Fully Furnished

Of course, any serviced conference room should come fully furnished, but we go beyond generic office chairs and identikit art prints to create striking, individual and inspiring interiors to help encourage debate and free thinking in comfortable, spacious, light and airy surroundings.

No claustrophobic conferences or cramped rooms where you have to squeeze past chairs to get to the front for your presentation – these are open spaces with equally generously proportioned breakout areas for any side discussions that crop up on the day.

Access and Amenities

Have you ever arrived to host your conference, only to find the conference room is on the third floor and there’s no goods lift to carry your AV equipment or presentation stands?

If you haven’t, it’s probably not something that would even occur to you – and with our serviced conference rooms, it’s not something you’ll ever need to worry about, as we provide separate goods elevators and passenger lifts to get all of your people and presentation supplies to the conference on time.

Meanwhile, our conference rooms are conveniently located for nearby amenities ranging from public transport to cafes and coffee shops, all of which adds to your confidence that everyone will make it, and to their comfort if they need to grab something to eat or drink on their way home.

To find out more about any of these features or to ask about something not already mentioned in this article, contact us today on 0800 319 6600 or via any of the methods on our Contact Us page and we will be happy to help.

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