There are lots of proverbs about first impressions, especially in business, from the classic “you never get a second chance to make a first impression” to rules of thumb about investors making their decision within the first five seconds of arriving.

So when you invite anyone – investors, partners, customers and prospective employees – to a meeting room for an in-person conversation, it’s important to make sure the meeting room itself makes the right first impression on them.

It’s no exaggeration to say that in some cases, the quality of the premises where you meet with an individual can make a significant difference to whether or not you close the deal.

Kerb appeal

The phrase ‘kerb appeal’ usually applies to selling houses, but it’s important when selling anything from physical premises, which makes it equally significant for business, if not even more so.

Well appointed premises on the outside put the visitor in the right frame of mind to expect more elegant interiors and a generally higher standard of welcome, so ensure you choose a meeting room that looks good from the exterior of the building from the moment of arrival.

Ease of access

Getting to the meeting is all part of the first impression, so make the journey from their door or own workplace to being greeted by you as seamless as possible.

Good public transport links and on-site parking are part of this, as well as facilities like clean, fully stocked toilets and even shower rooms so guests can freshen up if they wish.

Reception areas with comfortable seating mean that even if they have to wait to be greeted by you in person, visitors can do so in comfort and don’t have to feel anxious about it.

And premises with fully working lifts mean nobody faces a flight of stairs to reach an upstairs meeting room at the end of a long journey to get there.

In the room

Despite all of the old adages and wise sayings, at the end of the day the real business takes place within the confines of the meeting room, so make sure you choose a space that puts the client, investor or candidate at ease.

Spacious, brightly decorated rooms help to encourage debate and free thinking, while comfortable designer office furniture will mean you and your guests don’t start to feel numb or sore if the meeting is expected to last for a while.

Have beverages available – not just tap water, but hot drinks too – as you don’t know if your visitors have had a chance to hydrate during their journey.

We provide beverages and kitchen facilities as part of the package, and you should never underestimate the impact that a fresh, hot cup of tea or coffee can have when making a positive first impression on an investor or customer who has travelled since the early hours to get to your meeting.

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