The Serviced Office Company is proud to provide workplaces to a diverse range of clients and thanks to the communal areas, kitchens and breakout rooms that come with our serviced offices, you can benefit from sharing ideas and collaborating with those people.

June is Pride month and while for many people that means celebrating, it is also an important opportunity to raise awareness of some of the difficulties faced by the LGBT+ community, including in the workplace.

Earlier this year, the Government Equalities Office published research that showed 56% of cisgender individuals with a minority sexual orientation had chosen to hide that orientation in the workplace.

This ranked behind only public transport (on 65%) as the most likely places for those individuals to hide their orientation.

Respondents spoke of being passed up for promotion, and in some cases rejected for job opportunities completely because the interviewer felt they would not fit in with the company culture.

At the Serviced Office Company we welcome clients from all walks of life, majority and minority groups alike, and believe that this rich diversity is part of what makes our serviced offices such a vibrant and rewarding place to do business.

Why choose serviced offices in London and Manchester?

We have serviced offices in Manchester at Exchange Quay and Clippers Quay, providing excellent access to MediaCity, Salford Quays and Manchester city centre alike.

We also have serviced offices in London at Davenport House on Pepper Street, Glengall Bridge, just a short walk from Canary Wharf.

Both locations give you serviced office space at the very heart of some of the UK’s biggest business districts, with access to vast and diverse local economies, supply chains and customer bases.

For LGBT+ entrepreneurs though, the cities are among some of the best places in the UK to live and work, both offering cosmopolitan cultures that are among the most welcoming of minority groups of all kinds.

The Government Equalities Office noted that some of its survey respondents felt safer after moving to either London or Manchester, with Brighton also mentioned as one of the three “large cities with a significant LGBT population” where this was the case.

Serving an LGBT customer base

Of course there is no reason why LGBT+ entrepreneurs must start businesses with an LGBT customer base; however, if you choose to do so, being based in serviced offices in London or Manchester puts that community on your doorstep.

That makes business more efficient, while also making you better able to provide your clients with the products and services they need.

And should you need to meet with them in person, we also offer flexible meeting rooms in Manchester and London to give you a professional, practical space for interviews, negotiations and face-to-face conversations in general.

We are rightfully proud of the communities we serve – and of all our clients who serve those communities in their turn too – regardless of majority or minority status, or how and whether you are marking this Pride month.

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