With the UK sweltering in heatwave conditions, why not give yourself a cool place to work by choosing our serviced offices in London?

In order to qualify as a heatwave, the maximum daily temperatures in each county in England have to exceed their ‘heatwave threshold’ for three days in a row.

London has the highest heatwave threshold in the country, at 28C, while the threshold drops to 27C for the rest of the south-east and East Midlands, 26C for much of Yorkshire and the West Midlands, and 25C for locations further north and west.

It’s all based on the local climate, and perfectly highlights why air conditioned offices in London are arguably an even better idea than anywhere else in England.

Stay refreshed in our London serviced offices

Serviced Office Company operate our London serviced offices from Davenport House on Pepper Street, just a short distance from Canary Wharf on the Isle of Dogs.

Here you’ll find air conditioned offices in London’s beating heart of business, complete with free drinks in our on-site kitchen facilities.

We even have showers on-site, so if you’ve cycled into work or faced a long, hot commute, you can cool off and get refreshed before starting your day or meeting with important clients.

Keep comfortable whatever the weather

Those same showers come in handy all year round – and although you might not want a hot shower in a heatwave, you’re sure to welcome one in the midst of winter.

On sunny days the natural light streams in through the picture windows, while in gloomy weather we run our artificial lighting on green energy.

Combined with the excellent environmental performance and energy efficiency throughout our offices, this all helps you to meet your own carbon neutral ambitions when you work from our London serviced offices.

When will the next heatwave hit?

Heatwaves like the current one are increasingly common – in fact summer 2018 was the equal second hottest summer on record, tied with 1995 with only 1976 ranking as hotter in the previous 108 years according to mean maximum temperature.

Both 2003 and 2006 also saw high temperatures, and the Met Office says the higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere mean that a heatwave was 30 times more likely in 2018 than it would have been in 1750.

It’s getting harder to keep cool – and increasingly important to use sustainable energy and prevent or offset carbon emissions.

How our serviced offices in London can help

We believe that helping the environment doesn’t have to mean discomfort in our daily lives – it is perfectly possible to do both.

Our green energy and efficient serviced offices in London help all of our tenants to remain carbon neutral, so there is no net increase in atmospheric CO2 due to our premises.

At the same time, we make the best use of natural light and offer amenities like efficient air conditioning and shower rooms, so you can enjoy a comfortable day at work whatever the weather may bring in the years to come.

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