We all need regular meals to keep our energy levels up during the day, but while large companies may operate a canteen on their premises, you might find serviced offices with kitchens are better suited to a diverse workforce.

Research published in the April 2020 edition of the International Journal of Workplace Health Management looked at employees’ attitudes to food provided to them in hospitality workplaces, including the opinions of migrant workers.

The researchers found that many employees think their workplace canteen food is unhealthy and high in fat – leading some to go off-site and eat foods they find more familiar and healthy.

“In increasingly globalised workplaces, food provision is important for both emotional and physical health,” they wrote.

“The study’s findings have relevance to other multicultural workplaces where the food provided to staff may have consequences for employee wellbeing.”

Catering for diverse tastes

Giving employees control of what they eat for lunch is a small but significant step that can improve their health and wellbeing, maintain concentration into the afternoons, and even boost morale overall as workers feel empowered to enjoy their mealtimes more.

Serviced offices with kitchens allow you to do all of this, without the cost of providing snacks or hot cooked meals at the company’s own expense.

Our serviced office kitchens are well equipped areas where employees can prepare a simple meal, before heading to a breakout room or back to their desk to eat without a prolonged break from productive work.

What to cook in the workplace

‘Fast food’ doesn’t have to mean unhealthy meals. Some of the most popular foods to cook in the office make for relatively healthy and satiating lunches.

Soup is an ever-popular option. It can be made from powder, poured from a can or tub, or prepared in advance at home and brought into work in a flask.

Employees from different countries and cultures can bring their favourite foods to reheat at lunchtime, as well as smaller hot snacks throughout the day.

Kitchen areas are not just for lunch, either. They’re a chance to grab a satisfying breakfast after a commute into the office, or to eat something quickly if staying behind to work late.

All this adds up to happier, healthier employees, increased morale and improved productivity, as your workforce spends less time out of the office.

Other ways to maintain a healthy workplace

Food is just one part of keeping staff happy and healthy. Our serviced offices aim to give your employees everything they need to work well and stay well.

We have serviced offices in London and Manchester, both located close to public transport for an easier commute, and both equipped for employees to arrive by bicycle to keep fit.

Nearby shops and delicatessens allow employees to buy snacks and food if they did not bring it from home.

And we provide comfortable breakout rooms – somewhere to eat away from the desk, or just a comfy chair to relax for a few minutes during lunch or a tea break, before going back to the job with renewed energy.

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