Premium serviced office space is in high demand, according to research commissioned by essensys, a supplier of software-as-a-service to the flexible workspace sector.

The company’s study found that 80% of commercial premises occupiers would consider premium serviced office space to be “an attractive offering”.

Under the definition used in the research, premium serviced offices are those equipped with technology and other amenities, with flexible capacity to accommodate growing and shrinking businesses.

But despite the high level of interest from occupiers, the same study found barely more than half of landlords, 53% of those surveyed, are offering those kinds of premises.

Mark Furness, essensys founder and CEO, said: “Occupier requirements are driving demand for more flexible, experience-focused and tech-enabled workspaces and services.

“This report is a testament to the technology-led transformation that flexible real estate providers must undertake to deliver the amazing in-building experiences occupiers demand today and in the future.”

A move towards more flexible workspaces

The flexibility of serviced office space is a driving force behind many businesses’ decision to move into a shared business centre – often benefiting from improved access to collaborate with other organisations and entrepreneurs as a result.

In the essensys study, 60% of commercial premises occupiers said that they currently plan to make use of flexible workspace within the next three years.

For many, access to next-generation technology is an important element in this, and 46% said they consider this to be a key driver of occupier uptake.

The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is also transforming the way we work, and it’s likely many more employees will embrace the potential of flexible working in the years ahead, having had an experience of it during lockdown and furlough.

Future-proof serviced offices in Manchester and London

At the Serviced Office Company we offer future-proof serviced offices in Manchester and London, and we’re always looking for ways to raise our game even further.

For example, our serviced offices come with high-speed internet and telecommunications systems powered by essensysCloud corporate-grade infrastructure.

Our premises are equipped with plasma TVs, projection screens and state of the art audiovisual facilities, to make sure every pitch, presentation and training session is given its time to shine.

You’ll find this commitment to future-proof presentation equipment in all of our meeting rooms for hire in Manchester and London, so you always have the systems you need within arm’s reach.

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ICT tech is just one of the many features of our shared workspaces. Other attributes as standard range from natural daylight, to air conditioning, to comfy breakout rooms where you can escape from the stress of the day for a few minutes.

We love talking about our premises and we work hard to accommodate our clients’ needs – so if there’s something specific you would like your workplace to provide, let us know and we can take it into account.

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