A report published by the University College of Estate Management has predicted that serviced offices could become an even more visible style of workplace in cities of the future.

The report, titled City 2040: The Pressures on UK Cities – An Opportunity for Change, addresses a number of key themes including the aim to achieve cleaner air, access to public and private land, equity and exchange, and clustering and proximity.

Under the section on clustering and proximity, the study predicts an increase in ‘dispersion’ as more people work remotely or from home, potentially accompanied by a rise in people working in home-based self-employed roles.

However, alongside this, the paper adds: “There is likely to be an increased demand for locally based workspaces, either divided into single company domains or shared between multiple workers running, or employed in, different businesses.”

The future of local serviced offices

This potential future trend is one we have already seen in recent years, as serviced offices in CBDs and on the edges of city centres have gained importance as locations for smaller branch offices, allowing companies to operate in a more geographically dispersed way.

In the City 2040 report, the researchers add: “Serviced office spaces are common already, but they may well become standard and more visible presences in local centres.”

As this takes shape over the coming 20 years, it is important to note that this does not decrease larger businesses’ ability to function, but unlocks benefits for big firms that many SMEs in serviced offices are already well aware of.

“Conventional business premises will continue but may be better able to operate from local centres, as an increased range of other businesses around them provides a supportive network of services and companies,” the study explains.

Unlocking access to serviced offices

These workplaces are already available – our serviced offices in London and Manchester have been operating for many years and our biggest ever facility, the newly refurbished Serviced Office Company Telford, offers 52,000 square feet of contemporary office space.

According to City 2040, more and more businesses are finding it possible to migrate to shared and serviced offices and away from monolithic CBD workplaces, thanks to a combination of:

  • Technology that ‘liberates’ them from a city centre location
  • Specialised services increasingly available online
  • Reduced reliance on central workspaces for commuting employees
  • Less need to be in close geographical proximity to competitors

Serviced offices have many of the facilities already in place to support a move towards this style of working, such as on-site kitchen facilities and washrooms, for entrepreneurs who want to blend their work and home lives in order to strike the right balance.

Find out more about our serviced offices

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